Before time.

In the beginning…


Creationism teaches us that our world/reality was created by god. The time scale, sometime after 2000 years ago but not much before that. (I can’t find the actual amount of years god was supposed to have done this but vaguely remember someone giving an answer and that’s about 6,000 years.). Obviously an important question some smart alec asked is, how do you explain dinosaur fossils and soil samples? This pretty much writes off this answer in my eyes but lets not rule it out just yet because this doesn’t defy the possibility of there being a god or a creator of our reality.

Another ‘theory’ is that of the big bang. The term (and with it the theory) the big bang was apparently coined by the renowned British astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle (though the theory was explored and very popular with many other scientists and philosophers) during a BBC radio broadcast in 1950. The theory gets slightly more convincing as other findings proved/discovered by earlier scientists can back up the theory which i will mention in a moment, but as the true nature of a theory we are still not working with tangible facts (but…is reality a ‘fact’?). The big bang theory is that our universe sprang into existence as “singularity” around 13.7 billion years ago. Singularities are zones which defy the current understanding of physics. Funnily enough no one can explain what a singularity is. (so i ask, how can they use it in the theory and where did they even get the idea from?). Zones are thought to exist at the core of “black holes.” Black holes are areas of intense gravitational pressure. Basically the force of the movement/expansion of the universe. “The pressure is thought to be so intense that finite matter is actually squished into infinite density”. (WTF!!) Quote > Apparently this is a mathmatical concept (also theory) that is also not really understood. (haha, doing well researchers of the universe). Zones of infinite density are called “singularities. These concepts are out of my complete understanding and i am quoting websites that explain it as the scientist know it but i am starting to get it. I was told that if something was to go into a black hole it would change it’s make up and exist as say information rather than matter. This is infinite density. But still the basic theory states that something came from nothing. whether in an explosion (which is apparently impossible) or evolution. The interesting thing, i think, about this theory is it doesn’t dis-allow the idea that god created the big bang. Scientists and philosophers say “we just dont know how the universe came into being.”

(We have come to know our ‘reality’ as the world and the universe in which our solar system is in. We know this because we have senses and a conciousness which is enduring ‘reality’ all the time. Over time we have recorded and developed our art of living and our ideas of what life is. We seek to overcome the impossible. Answer the un answerable. And we have done very well. yes there are still wars and corruption going on but we have a very keen conciousness which is shared by all humans and probably all other living things. Science changed our minds from looking up in the skies and seeing god to seeing what we can truly call ‘fact’. Breakthrough’s are being made all the time and there is still alot to discover. Have we just completed the answer to what is god and what the point is? Every religion (except one’s who’s members don’t write) have bibles of somekind explaining everything you need to know and in whatever form is available freely to all. Did we realise we were missing a vital part of the story? Hence science. Will science prove the existence of god? Will god appear? It is clear that the universe, our reality, has a design. It all works as one big piece of randomness and our space/world is specifically in the right zone to habitate life. Earth is one big garden of life. This needs certain conditions to exist and we have them. Such is the education system. An environment where mindfullness can grow. All by design. The notion of a creator is not hard to imagine. At the time of Charles Darwin, William paley wrote a book arguing the existence of god creating the watchmaker theory. This went un noticed in the mass media and we are all now taught Darwins theory of evolution. All this is very interesting but it doesn’t explain the initial question, What is reality and how did it come to be?)

I propose the reality in which we all share is 32 years old as that is how old i am and that is how long my ‘reality’ has been in existence. Your ‘reality’ is how ever long you have been alive thus time is personal and flickers in and out of existence as our mind is the keeper of it and is not just a prison in which is eternally static and we are all prisoners. I justify this way of thinking as learning that our subjective nature is the true way we experience life and learn mindfullness and to simply say reality is the age of myself and not of eternity or long time. This is obviously a complete load of bollocks but i like it.

So where did time and space come from? Are we thinking about it in the right way and what have we yet to learn? Will this question be answered? Has it already been answered? Do you have an answer?